Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello to You!

I hope you enjoy viewing my scrapbook pages! I just got back into scrapbooking and wanted to share what I have been creating.
My sister and I rearranged my scrapbook area, so I am excited to "use" my space. It is more organized and everything is together in its own area. Before I had like cards and supplies here and there and everywhere. Before I used to use Stampin' Up products and now I am huge into Close To My Heart, obviously because I sell it. :) But I had paper upstairs and downstairs and now it is all upstairs in one area. All of my idea books are also in one place, so it'll be alot easier the next time I want to make a card. Also, when I am searching for that perfect card for someone, they are all in one spot.
I hope these new posts are an inspiration to you as your art has been to me.

Hope you are having a GREAT new year!

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