Saturday, August 14, 2010

CTMH Club Recipe Book

I was in a Close To My Heart Club for 3 years. Once we had everyone bring as many recipes as they wanted to share with everyone. (So, we had to write or type them out on a 4x6 card.) Then we put them into a 6x6 page protector and was supposed to trace the top of a clear stamp envelope and cut it out and stamp it the way we wanted. I never got around to it, so I put mine into Flip Flaps and stuck them together with the adhesive. (If the pages for some reason don't want to stick together, use glue dots.) I then took 3 glue dots on each of the front and back sticky part of the strip and added a green twill, you could use ribbon. I then took 2 brads and put them through my layers of flip flaps and cut off the excess part you could see. I used Pansy Purple cardstock for the front and back covers and then used my Cricut for the lettering. I didn't use tabs, I just put the recipes in the order that I wanted.
Have Fun!

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