Monday, September 21, 2009

Instructions for the cards made from one 12x12 Paper

You'll cut the 5.5 x 12 first. Then turn and cut 1.5, 2.75 and 3.5 inch pieces next. Be sure to mark the number on the back.
Then you'll need to turn the 6.5 x 12 piece and cut two at 6.5 x 4.25. Then cut pieces 6 & 7 accordingly. Then pieces 8 & 9. Turn back and cut #10 at 5.5 x 3.5.
I would recommend practicing first. :) I have done this 3 times and messed up once or twice. It may help to re-draw one on a 12x12. I think that is where the confusion is.
I have also made Christmas cards when my upline did hers. I can post those, if you'd like to see them. She used a piece of B&T and 2 cardstocks. You'll have to add those and stamps. With this pattern you'll have one piece for 10 cards. Don't forget your 10 card bases. :)
Have Fun!


  1. Hi Carrie! I did get your email with instructions, just realized I hadn't replied back. Sorry! Thank you so much, I'll be trying my hand at these!

  2. great idea, a big congrats on the weight loss, keep up the good work...have a wonderful week!

    enjoy *~*